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1999 Sidney Days Build-a-Boat Competition

Goal: build a boat without power tools and within the materials budget.
Materials cost: Cdn$75 maximum from Slegg Lumber
Construction and race crew: 3
Time: 3 hours
Materials used: thin plywood, various strips of wood, nails, screws, roll of poly, roll of duct tape.

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John and Derek preparing the workshop

Cdn$75 of materials and an outdoor workshop

Almost ready for Covering

Halfway there

Ready to go

Finished 3-person boat

Team MembersTeam members
(L-R) Derek Foster: designer, builder, and racer; Greg Gingell: racer; John Taylor: designer and builder; Wayne Chin: builder and racer.
Note: The officials allowed Greg to sit in for John for the race portion :)

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