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Music Page

Sound Bites

caralarm.wav Car Alarm Melodies from Cherry Coke radio ad (495K). Yes, my Audiovox car alarm does sound like that! But no I didn't install it; it came with the car.

Note: RealPlayer streaming audio version is no longer available.

Guitar chord and tablature

Santa Monica (text CRD file) by Everclear
Walking After You (text CRD file) by Foo Fighters
Closing Time (text TAB file) by Semisonic
Last Kiss (text ChordPro file) by Pearl Jam
Call and Answer (text ChordPro file) by Barenaked Ladies
88 Lines About 44 Women (text LYR file) by The Nails


The ChordPro file format is a text format that can be processed by downloading and running the Chord shareware utility to produce printer-ready output. This archive contains Chord V3.6, which is still a DOS command-line application that requires a Postscript printer or Postscript utility such as Aladdin GSView. I have included a Chord V3.6 archive on this site because the "Official" Chord archive link appears to be broken.


Aladdin GSView, in turn, also requires Aladdin Ghostscript. The larger archives found at the GSView link should already include Ghostscript, so you only need to install GSView (at least the one I downloaded did).

Windows ChordPro

For Windows platforms (a crippled version), try Chord Pro Manager. (Personally, I'd rather go through the trouble of using the Chord/GSView combination for free).

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